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Our wide range of services allows us to help you with all your needs! From small loads to full flatbeds we have got you covered! Speak with an agent for recommendations on the best method for you!


Less-than-truckload, commonly referred to as LTL, is a type of shipping mode whereby a truck is available to carry more than one shipment. LTL trucking has several advantages over the alternative trucking shipment mode, FTL – a full truckload shipment.


Full truckload, commonly referred to as FTL, is a type of shipping mode whereby a truck carries one dedicated shipment. In other words, the journey is reserved for one shipment only. FTL trucking has several advantages over the alternative trucking shipment mode, LTL, or less than a full truckload shipment.

  • For shipments that are large enough to fill or nearly fill an entire shipping container, full truckloads work out cheaper.
  • Full truckloads are much less encumbered by size and weight restrictions.
  • FTL shipments get to the destination sooner, as the truck is making no other pickups or drop-offs along the way.


In a hurry? Need your shipment expedited? Not having a certain product, at a certain place, at a certain time can be very costly for your customers. Our network of drivers consist, not only of solo drivers, but team drivers as well. Don’t let your customers hit the panic button. Allow Treasure Trans® to get your freight there on time!! For further assistance please fill out the form on our Home page, and one of our Account Managers will be in contact with you shortly.


No need for a trailer? Not a problem. If you are simply looking to ship a preloaded trailer or just need to move equipment around, we are here to help. Our carrier network contains a vast amount of Power-Only carriers. Our pre-approved carrier network is already equipped with the proper equipment, knowledge and compliances for these types of transportation services. and one of our Specialists will be in contact with you shortly.


What is flatbed shipping?

Flatbed shipping is transportation for cargo that may not require the enclosure of a dry van, cannot be loaded or unloaded from a dock or does not fit within the dimensions of standard truck trailers. A flatbed’s design allows for cranes and forklifts to load goods from all angles.


Benefits of flatbed shipping.

  • Flatbed shipping provides some dimensional flexibility for large freight since there are no physical walls.
  • Where dry van trailers are loaded from the rear, flatbed trucks can be loaded from either side, as well as the top and back.
  • Flatbed equipment includes step decks, double drops and RGNs


Temperature controlled shipping, in the most basic terms, is the transport of goods that are sensitive to climate conditions. You want your produce fresh, your flowers blooming and your chocolate only melting in your mouth, right? Those items require special handling and storage during transport to maintain stable temperatures from dock to dock. 

But, when you work with freight service providers equipped to manage diverse temperature controlled transportation, you can ship your perishable items with guidance from experts.


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Research & Analysis

We research the best method and routes for your loads. We will always try to get you the most cost effective and highest quality solutions.

Roadmap planning

We plan the trip based on the needs of our clients. Less-Than-Truckload shipments are carefully planned to get your shipment to its destination quickly, while making any stops.

Execute & Monitor

Once your load is shipped, we track the progress of your shipment until arrival. The Driver has full 24/7 Support as they makes the journey to your destination.


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